Scenic Byway Committee

Central and Western Massachusetts Scenic Byways

The seven scenic byways of Central and Western Massachusetts are now described on the website, Western Massachusetts Scenic Byways, and in brochures available in Paxton at the Town Hall, the COA Office at 17 West Street, and Richards Memorial Library. These formats will assist local residents in their exploration of the scenic and cultural aspects of communities along the way. As the newest byway, the Route 122 Scenic Byway consists of 40 miles of roadway winding through Paxton, Rutland, Oakham, Barre, Petersham, New Salem, and Orange, that eventually joins with the Mohawk Trail. The "Lost Villages" section that runs from Paxton to Petersham was named for the early villages lost to history, such as the Mill Village in Paxton's Moore State Park, and Danna, Enfield, Greenwich and Prescott which were sacrificed for the construction of the Quabbin Reservoir in the 1930s. In the future, detailed locally important brochures will become available in proposed informational kiosks located along the route. These brochures will contain pertinent information on historic sites, places of interest, and businesses as well as timely notices of local events. It is hoped that residents of local and distant communities will become aware of, and experience, the many special qualities to be found in the unique New England towns along the Route 122 Scenic Byway.