Stormwater Awareness

Central Mass Stormwater Coalition
Through a CIC grant of $310,000 thirteen towns of which Paxton was one of them formed the Central Mass Stormwater Coalition and began work on educating the group on stormwater standard practices and operations.

The group has now expanded to thirty towns through the help of a further grant of $115,000. The coalition are currently working on a website that will assist towns and the community to be better aware of storm water regulations and policies. Please visit it at http// or through the link provided

The Central Massachusetts Regional Stormwater Coalition was recently awarded a 2014 STORMY award by the New England Stormwater Collaborative in recognition of "Regional Collaboration for Enhanced Stormwater Program Efficiency" This collaborative includes 28 communities working together to create SOPs, bylaws, improve mapping and educate both officials and residents on the need for good stormwater practices. This is certainly a tribute to the work performed under the CIC grants with the assistance of Matthew St. Pierre of Tata & Howard and Aubrey Strausse of VerdantWater.

The Coalition was awarded the most recent grant of $200,000 (2018) to assist in outreach to residents, developers and businesses to make everyone aware of the importance of keeping our stormwater clean.

Please review all our material below to be sure that you contribute to clean water!

Thank you

Carol Riches
Town Administrator
September 17, 2018