Capital Improvements Planning Committee

The Capital Improvements Planning Committee (CIPC) studies proposed capital projects and improvements involving major non-recurring tangible assets and projects which: 1) are purchased or undertaken at intervals of not less than five years; 2) have a useful life of at least five years; 3) costs over $10,000.  

The CIPC consists of seven members.  The members shall include the Town Administrator, one member from the Finance Committee, one member from the Board of Assessors, and 4 members who are registered voters in the town of Paxton appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three year term.  

Committee Members

Name Title
Mark Love Vice Chair & Finance Committee Representative
Robert Pelczarski Clerk
Kateri Clute Member/Board of Assessor's Representative
Tim Grinham Member
Carol L. Riches Ex-Officio Member
Forrest Smith Member
Vacant Position