FY25 Budget Documents


For FY25, we have generated the following documents that estimate both the revenues and expenses for the next fiscal year.  Because there are two warrant articles on the Town Meeting Warrant pertaining to the Town's FY25 budget, there are two columns for the FY25 budget, one is related to Article 17 on the Annual Town Meeting Warrant- Override Contingent Budget- which means that this is the Town's requested budget figures and will go into effect in the event that Article 17th at Annual Town Meeting Passes and the Ballot Question passes at the Annual Town Election.  The second budget is related to Article 18 on the Annual Town Meeting Warrant - Not- override contingent - which means if either Article 17 and/or the ballot question fail, there will be a budget that is balanced that will allow the Town to operate on July 1st.

*Please note that as of the posting of these items, April 11th, the expenses as outlined beyond the School and Town Meeting articles have not yet been formally approved by the Finance Committee. 

FY25 Revenues Estimated

FY25 Expense Summary*

FY25 Expense Details*

*These were updated on 04.26.2024 to correct an error pertaining to Article 18.  Please note that there was an error made in the Art 18 - FY25 Non-Contingent Budget for the Library.  The total bottom line should have been a lesser figure of $194,092.  There was also an error where the amount for employee wages and Youth Service Librarian Wages was swapped, there are no proposed reductions to the Youth Librarian position in Art 18's variation of the budget.