Dog Licensing Information

Cute dog with 2024 Dog Tag

Dogs need to be licensed every calendar year.  Thank you for keeping your license current!

If you own 5 or more dogs, you must obtain

Dog Licensing Fees:

  • Neutered/Spayed Dogs: $10
  • Unaltered Dogs: $15
  • Owner over the age of 70: Free (Owner is determined by rabies certificate)     
  • Transfer Fee: $3 (With proof of licensing in another city/town in the Commonwealth) 
  • Late Fee: $10 (Late fee applied on April 1st.)
  • Replacement Dog Tag: $1

There are 4 ways to renew your dog license!

  • Online: Click here to renew your dog license online! Type Paxton, MA for the Municipality.  Click "VIEW/PAY bills" Select Clerk department on the left then select Dog License. Note: If you are renewing a license for a dog who was recently spayed/neutered and the amount due listed online is $15.00 please email a copy of the spay/neuter certificate to so that we can change the amount due to $10.00 for you. You must use the name listed on the rabies certificate as owner. 
  • In Person: Submit current rabies certificate if one is not on file and spayed/neutered certificate (if applicable). Cash, checks payable to the Town of Paxton, and/or credit/debit payment is accepted. 
  • By Phone: Call 508-556-5583 or 508-799-7347 ext 1013 to pay by phone. The Town Clerk's current hours are listed on the main Town Clerk webpage. If you get voicemail, please leave a message with call back name and phone number. 
  • By Mail: Send stamped self-addressed envelope, completed form (click here for form), current rabies certificate (if needed), a spayed/neutered certificate if needed and a check made out to the Town of Paxton for the correct amount.

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140 Section 137 requires all dogs over the age of six months to be licensed in Massachusetts. January-March is the time to license or renew your dog license in Paxton. You may license your dog either by mail or by coming into the Town Clerk's Office during the regular posted hours of the Town Clerk (see Town Clerk's website). Dogs not licensed by March 31, of the current year, will have a $10.00 late fee per dog assessed in addition to the license fee. All owners of dogs newly acquired or new residents of the town must license their dog within 30 days of moving to Paxton or at 6 months if it is a new puppy. Dogs that are being fostered for more than 30 days need to be licensed at the place of fostering.

You may call the office to verify if the rabies certificate is current or check online. You may also check your current dog license as the date of rabies expiration is printed on the license. Please notify this office if there is no longer a dog at your address so we may update our records. Also, the Town of Paxton voted to accept at the Annual Town Meeting of May 2015, MGL Chapter 140 s139c which states that an owner who is 70 years or older of a dog must continue to license their dog but, there will be no charge for the license. Ownership will be determined by veterinary records.