Campaign Finance

Local Candidate Check List from OCPF (Office of Campaign & Political Finance)

All candidates running for office for the local election must file 3 campaign finance reports with the Town Clerk if they have any campaign related fundraising or expenses. CPF M102 Candidates that have no financial activity now only need to file one report per year. CPF M 109

All candidates running for office for the local election must submit a CPF M101 Organizational Form. 

All current officials holding an elected position (including those appointed to fill a vacancy) must file a year end report for each year they are in office. 

The 3 reports for those on the ballot are filed pre-election, post-election and year end. To determine due dates and reporting periods use this calculator
The year end report is always due January 20th and the file dates fall from the last date filed until December 31st.

Candidates must file either a M109, M102 or a M102-0.

M109: Form for those who will have zero financial activity. 
M102: Campaign finance report.  Instructions (Sch. A addendum)   (Sch. B addendum)
M102-0: This campaign finance form can be signed by a candidate who has not received any contributions, made any expenditures, or incurred any liabilities during a reporting period, and does not have a balance in his or her campaign account. Also, a candidate who signs this form cannot have a political committee.
Please contact the Town Clerk with any questions.
Note: Campaign Finance reports are posted below for candidates who had expenses. Zero reports for all other candidates are available for inspection at the Town Clerk's office during normal business hours. 
Campaign Finance Reports for the Annual Town Election May 8, 2023
William A. Trotta      Pre-Election Report   Post-Election Report
Campaign Finance Reports for the Annual Town Election May 9, 2022 
Mark Love          Pre-Election Report      Post-Election Report
Carol Riches      Pre-Election Report      Post-Election Report